Super Rumor Spreader: Double Detention Edition Turbo Beta (Unity)

Date – July 2015

Timeline – 2 weeks (so far)

Matt Mathis (Zero Faction Games) have been working on this for 3 weeks. We did everything from the art to the music to the coding. It was done for a game jam project that had the theme “Chain Reaction.” Over several iterations and a ton of playtests, the game took shape into something we’re both very proud of. It is available for PC, Mac and Android. Right now, the PC version is the only one I have available on my site until we optimize the others. Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the music, I’ve made the OST available with 2 extra track that didn’t make the cut. The download link for the game and the OST are below (The link has been taken down for the time being. We’re trying to release it on Android and iOS):


Download Super Rumor Spreader: Double Detention Edition Turbo OST