Prototyping – RPG Pinball (Unity)

Date – August 2015

Timeline – 1 Month

My team and I were tasked with prototyping an existing game and then putting our own stamp on it. We chose to do pinball. The first week was spent meeting with the team, organizing and choosing a game. The second week was spent making a basic prototype to show that we understood the core of the game. The final two weeks were spent making our own version of the game. What we managed to pull together in the final two weeks is still pretty amazing to me. As you’ll be able to see from the screenshots, we completely redesigned the table, created assets and added a ton of new stuff. Unity physics do not like fast moving objects so we had to find ways to mitigate the issues caused by this. There are instructions and controls below the download link!:


Download RPG Pinball

Launch Ball – Space
Left Flipper – Left Arrow
Right Flipper – Right Arrow
Use Spell – Up

(Debug Keys)
Add Resources – W
Gain Free Spell/ Cycle Spell – T
Start New Quest – O
Complete Current Quest – P

To get a quest, hit the tavern stairs to go into the inn upstairs. Each quest rewards you with XP. Each level gained gives a free ball. After beating 4 quests, a boss fight begins. Once the boss is defeated, new game plus starts. You get a permanent +.5 multiplier, but the boss get harder.

To get a new spell get the ball into the mage tower in the upper left corner. There are three spells in the game: 2x Multiplier (lasts 20 seconds), Shield (blocks the center drain), and Swap (Exchanges all wood and ore for XP). You can only have one spell at a time. The first time you pick up a spell, it is free. Each additional pickup costs 10 ore. If you have a spell, but you want a different one, you can cycle to the next spell by getting the ball into the mage tower.

Other than that, have fun exploring the table!