World Building – Collaborative FPS Level (Unity)

Date: January 2015
Timeline: 2 1/2 weeks

For this project, I was teamed up with four other students. Our task was to design individual areas in Unity that would fit cohesively together to form a fully-playable level. This level had to fit in with a creative vision that was provided for us. I was given the job of Persistent Level Keeper. This meant that I was in charge of the PerForce drive as well as assembling the scene file where all of our areas would be loaded into. In addition to this, I was in charge of designing area 4 (the sculpture park). By the end, I designed a large chunk of what went into the final product including:
– The opening menu
– The opening cinematic
– The outer, inaccessible persistent world
– The model for the gravity gun
– The particle effects for the gravity gun
– Voice work for the journal pickups in areas 3 & 4
– Much of the universal code that was used (HUD / GUI / pickups / checkpoints / etc.)
– The graffiti/flyer/poster art assets

In addition to these technical accomplishments, I helped teammates with technical/creative issues, maintained the PerForce drive, and helped to optimize the level to ensure that the game stayed above 30FPS. Below you can find screenshots from the game, a link to download the game, and a downloadable Post-Mortem PDF. You may have to ghost through some areas, mine is completely playable.

Download Scraps – We’re Gathered Here Today

Were Gathered Here Today LDD

We're Gathered Here Today Level Map

Download the post-mortem PDF

Controls (Non-Ghost):
Move Forward – W
Move Back – S
Strafe Left – A
Strafe Right – D
Jump – Space
Crouch – C
Left Shift – Run
Left Click – Use Gravity Push
Right Click Hold – Gravity Pickup
Toggle Flashlight – F
Interact/Skip – E
Toggle Ghost – G
Unlock Cursor – ESC

Controls (Ghost):
Move Forward – W
Move Back – S
Strafe Left – A
Strafe Right – D
Ascend – E
Descend – Q
Toggle Ghost – G

Music Credits:
Title: “12 Ghosts II” & “5 Ghosts I”
Author: “Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails”
License: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States – linked to license deed