Programming 2 – Space Shooter (Unity)

Date: December 2014
Timeline: 1 month

For this project we were tasked with creating a 2D space shooter. Each week we were given a list of possible features worth a predetermined amount of points if implemented. I ended up doing as much as I could with respect to cohesive design. The end result is something that I am very proud of. I did everything in this except for the art which I plan on replacing. I also want to add music. Find the download link below.

Download Space Cadet Koro’s Quest To Get An A

Move Up- W
Move Down – S
Move Left – A
Move Right – D
Thrust – T
Rotate Left – Z
Rotate Right – X
Center Ship – C
Fire Basic Weapon – Left Click
Fire Helix Weapon – Right Click
Fire Burst – B
Fire Homing Missile – N
Fire Multi Shot – M
Pause – P
Cheat Menu – 0 (Zero)