Ludum Dare 37 – Parts And Labor

With our third Ludum Dare entry, Matthew Mathis and I kept it weird as usual. The theme was “One Room.” We tried to avoid things like “escape the room” since we figured there would be a lot of those. Instead, we looked at retro, single-screen experiences and decided to come up with our own.The result is Parts And Labor. A game about a robot revolution, teamwork and coordination. Mechanically, this may be the strangest game we’ve made yet. Check out the controls and instructions below. Enjoy!

Post Jam Update!
So the ratings are in and I’m extremely satisfied


Download Standalone


Climb Ladder: W /S
Slide Ladder A / D
Push Button: Space

Push Cart: Left Arrow / Right Arrow
Throw Item: Up Arrow

Go To Menu: ESC (In Browser)
Exit Game: ESC (In Standalone)
P: Next Song

The year is 3092. Robots have taken over the human race. Humans are still around as long as they’re useful to the robots. You play as two workers in a robot manufacturing plant. Maintain efficiency in order to build the most robots and please your robot overlords! Play by yourself for a challenge or team up with a friend!

  • Items will queue up on the right side of the screen.
  • Use the Climber to push the corresponding button to drop the item out of a pneumatic tube.
  • Use the runner to catch the item in the cart.
  • Bring the cart to the pneumatic tube at the left side of the screen.
  • Throw the item in the tube.


  • You can carry as many items in your cart as you want, but having over 3 will begin to slow the runner down.
  • Items can bounce off of the Climber’s head, but they will daze the Runner.
  • Items that hit the ground or the Runner’s head will count as an accident and reset your efficiency multiplier.