Ludum Dare 35 – Memento Mori

This game was made for Ludum Dare 35. Over the course of 72 hours, Matthew Mathis and I conceptualized and created a game based on the theme “Shapeshifting.” We tried not to go for the obvious ideas such as literal shapes shifting. We even tried to stay away from humans changing to animals. The idea we landed on ended up being pretty cool. The game is about the passage of time and how humans shift shape throughout a lifetime. This allowed us to explore some really cool themes as well as use mechanics to supplement narrative. Below you can play the game on Kongregate (with or without checkpoints) or download a standalone version (without checkpoints).

Kong Without Checkpoints

Kong With Checkpoints

Download Standalone (Without Checkpoints)


Move: A & D / Left & Right Arrows
Jump (When Available): Space bar


  • Time keeps moving with or without you.
  • For the slide jump, let your character slide without input, just worry about timing the jump
  • The jumps are judged off of the center of the character.